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Scrap Leather Offcuts – Black Cowhide Leather Pieces

£5.00 £10.00


Scrap leather offcuts in 100g bags made from top quality genuine leather, great for bookbinding, jewellery making, mixed media, scrapbooking & card making. The contents of each bag is random with mixed sizes & slightly different to those pictured.

• 100% cowhide leather
• 2-3mm thick
• 3 colours – Black, dark brown, light brown
• 100g
• Mixed sized pieces
• Great tooling, embossing & stamping properties 
• Beautiful leathery scent and smooth texture

Please note
Each leather hide can vary greatly due to the thickness of the skin, the scars and hair follicles that are a natural part of each hide. Your pieces can vary from what you see in the photo. Scratches, different tones, and different shades of natural leather colour show up on each hide that we get.