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Do you ship overseas?
Yes. We ship all over the world from our bindery in England. 

Do you offer shipping upgrades?
We offer standard, tracked and express shipping options.

When will my item arrive?
Please see our shipping page for full details



Can I use my own illustration on the cover of my  phone or Kindle case?
Yes, take a look at our custom pictures page. There is an additional cost and it takes extra time. You will also need to provide your artwork to the required specifications. But if you’re happy with all that then the results can be really wonderful!

Can I have a longer message than the character limit?
No, we’re very sorry but our character limits are carefully set based on the available space for the product. If you request a message that exceed the limit then it will result in a delay whilst we contact you.

My message is within the character limit but doesn’t fit in the personalisation box?
This will be because the spaces, symbols and/or punctuation in your message all count towards the character limit.


Phone cases and Kindle cases

How does my phone or Kindle attach to the case?
Secured using a specially engineered micro suction pad. Slimline, non-sticky and ultra secure, your device is easy to remove and reattach without losing grip over time. It's a nifty piece of technology that means all our cases are beautifully streamlined and practical, without marking of damaging your device in any way.

Step-by-step attachment guide
1) For optimal attachment, ensure the back of your device is completely clean by wiping it with the alcohol wipe provided.
2) Next, position your phone or e-reader onto the pad and push down firmly
3) Your device will stay securely in place for as long as you need it to.
4) To remove, simply peel your device from the pad.

My phone or Kindle doesn’t stick to the pad
If the micro suction pad or back of your device becomes dirty the attachment to your phone will be compromised.
1) Clean the pad with water and leave to air dry.
2) Clean the back of your device by wiping it with the alcohol wipe provided.

Do you make my phone or e-reader size?
Our cases can be sized to fit nearly all phone and e-reader models, so if you don't see your size in the product drop down menu, chances are we can still make it for you. Just drop us an email to double check.
Do you make cases for Kindle Voyage?
Yes. Our specially adapted cases for Kindle Voyage mean that the unique features of the Voyage are fully utilised. The reverse of the case has a hole providing easy access to the device power button and comes with auto sleep/wake technology, meaning that you can wake your Kindle Voyage up or put it to sleep by simply opening and closing the case.

Do the cases fold right back?
Yes. This is one of the unique features of our cases and ensures full usability, especially when you want to talk on your phone. We press each case so that it is fully fold-back-able and doing so won't cause any damage. So no need to worry about breaking the spine! We demonstrate this in the photo that shows the phone case being used as a sat-nav (please visit one of our phone case listings).

Are the leather cases available in other colours?
All available colours are listed in the product drop down menus. Occasionally we will have a small amount of different colours left over from a private commission, so it's always worth contacting us to discuss what you're after.


Still have a question?

If you the answer to your question has not been answered above, then please get in touch. We will do our best to respond as quickly as possible.