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Custom cover pictures

Custom cover pictures customised cover pictures from Bookshell custom dies made for hot foil stamping onto phone cases and kindle cases 

Do you have a logo or illustration you would like to use on the cover of your case?

If you can provide your artwork to the below specifications we'll be happy to do this for you. The process requires turning your design into a metal die plate which is then used in our hot foil machine to emboss the leather. Please note that once the metal plate has been made, we cannot make any amendments.

Custom pictures start at £60 to have the metal die plate made, although this is dependent on the size and level of detail in your artwork. Please email us for a quote beforehand. This is a one-off cost and once we have your die plate made, applying it to future orders will not incur additional costs i.e. If you want to order more notebooks in the future, you won't have to pay to have the die plate made again.

Shipping and lead times
When ordering a customised cover picture please be aware that this is NOT a speedy process. We require an additional 5 working days to get the metal plate made, on top of the time needed to make the case itself (usually another 5 working days). You also need to allow shipping time too. We estimate the whole process to take around 2-3 weeks, but obviously this is very dependant on things outside our control, such as how long it takes to supply artwork, how quickly the proof is approved etc. If you do, however, have a specific date that you need your item by, please contact us and we'll do our best to accommodate.



Artwork specifications

• You must supply a high resolution/vector artwork file
• It must be either an AI, EPS, or high resolution PDF
• The artwork must be one colour (100% black)
• Must be sized to width 50mm & not exceed a height 80mm
• The copyright of the image must be owned by you


How to order

1. Email to confirm pricing
2. Once paid, email us your artwork
3. We will check your artwork and email back a proof to approve
4. Once you have approved the proof we will start making your case (no changes are possible after this point, each additional proof will incur a £10 fee) 


Custom cover picture examples from Bookshell bindery Make something good, Jarrang,  Wolf Kindle cover


Custom cover picture examples from Bookshell bindery