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Caring for your case

Bookshell leather phone cases behave just like real books, so if you bend the cover or bash it about, signs of use will occur. We advise you to keep leather items out of strong direct sunlight or really hot environments. Also, due to the nature of leather, occasionally small natural imperfections and blemishes are present. This is natural and is not a defect with your item. Over time (and depending on your usage) gold foil and leather colour pigment can fade. This is normal and adds to the authentic leather book charm.

Step-by-step attachment guide
1) For optimal attachment, ensure the back of your device is completely clean by wiping it with the alcohol wipe provided.
2) Next, position your phone or e-reader onto the pad and push down firmly
3) Your device will stay securely in place for as long as you need it to.
4) To remove, simply peel your device from the pad.

My phone doesn’t stick to the pad
If the micro suction pad or back of your device becomes dirty the attachment to your phone will be compromised.
1) Clean the pad with water and leave to air dry.
2) Clean the back of your device by wiping it with the alcohol wipe provided.


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