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Short Grain Notebook Paper for Bookbinding



Short grain notebook paper for professional bookbinding projects. Available in A5, A4 and A3 sizes; plain or lined; White or Cream. Delivered flat ready to fold and make portrait A6, A5 and A4 signatures for you handmade notebooks and journals.

As bookbinders ourselves, we struggled to find professional quality, short grain bookbinding paper for our notebooks and journals so we decided to produce our own. The grain of this paper runs parallel to the folding or binding edge (short grain) making it perfect for professional quality notebooks or journals. Fellow professional bookbinders will know all too well just how important it is to never go against the grain!

Remember – Save money on larger orders.

• FREE UK shipping
• Short grain paper direction
• Fold to make A6/A5/A4 notebooks and journals
• 2 colours – Cream/White
• 3 sizes – A5/A4/A3
• 2 types – Plain/Horizontal lined
• 3 quantities – 50/100/500 sheets

• FSC approved
• Acid free (ECF)
• Paper weight 100g/m2
• Uncoated
• Double-sided (lines are printed on both sides)
• A5 size: width 210 x height 148mm
• A4 size: width 297 x height 210mm
• A3 size: width 420 x height 297mm
• Medium college ruled (7.1mm line spacing)
• Line colour is grey
• Margin at top of page: A5=18.5mm / A4=23.1mm / A3=23.7mm
• Lines per sheet: A5=18 / A4=26 / A3=38

Save money on larger orders, especially on quantities of 500 sheets.
• 50 sheets
• 100 sheets
• 500 sheets