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Blackberry vodka recipe

Posted on September 13 2019

Bookshell bindery blackberry vodka recipe

 What better way to celebrate the Autumn hedgerow harvest than with this delicious tipple?

• Take around 500g (or more, or less) well-washed fruit and 250g) of caster sugar  (you can adjust to taste but the more sugar, the quicker it is palatable!) and add to a large sterilised jar (we tend to use Kilners that have been sterilized in the oven at 120c for 20 mins). Top up with 1 litre of inexpensive gin or vodka.

• Place your jar in a dark cupboard for two months and every time you remember, give it a shake to dissolve the sugar: I do this once a week initially.

• After two months (you could go to three months but don’t leave too long) strain through muslin or a jelly bag into clean bottles, and then wait….the longer you wait the better it tastes but even a couple of months makes it drinkable. (Tip - make sure to label your bottle well, we use one of our leather bottle labels)

Goes perfectly in a glass of festive bubbles but I’m very happy drinking it neat on a cold winter evening too!


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