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Bookbinding supplies – A3 horizontal lined bookbinding paper

Posted on October 28 2019

Bookshell Bindery now sell A4 and A3 landscape ruled short grain bookbinding paper

Now, I do love a photo shoot, and many Bookshell products allow fun shoots with cool props in great locations, but last week I was faced with the not-so-easy task of photographing blank paper – our lovely new A3 bookbinding paper, to be exact. This forms part of our expanding range of bookbinding supplies following the success of our A4 bookbinding paper.

I found myself staring blankly at the equally blank paper as I was left wondering how on earth do I make paper look interesting?? A bit of playing around, lots of head scratching and several strong coffees later, I think I managed to finally get the ‘shot’ and hopefully do this professional quality bookbinding paper justice.

The horizontal lined short grain bookbinding paper is available in both A4 and A3 sizes, in two colours - cream or white, and comes blank or with medium college-ruled lines.

A3 horizontal lined short grain bookbinding paper in white

A3 and A4 landscape, lined short grain bookbinding paper in white and cream 


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